How To Choose Cabinets For A Luxury Bathroom

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For homeowners, bathrooms are an important part of your home’s design and creating a bathroom that’s luxurious and comfortable is becoming increasingly important.

One of the key features of any bathroom is the cabinets, in terms of both beauty and functionality. Here are a few options to consider when choosing the cabinets for your luxury bathroom:

1. Floating vanities vs. ornate vanities

There is no single style when it comes to luxury bathrooms, and you can choose to go traditional or modern. Your first consideration should be whether you prefer the look of floating vanities or more ornate vanities. Floating vanities are attached to the wall and often have a simpler, more modern look. Ornate vanities, on the other hand, have legs that sit on the floor and often have more decorative features — think of them as a piece of furniture for your bathroom.

2. Open shelving

While you don’t have to install open shelving in your bathroom, adding a couple of open shelves is a great way to add some luxury to your space. Use them to display your plush, clean towels, or fill pretty glass jars with your favourite soaps and bath fragrances.

3. Hardware vs. no hardware

When you’re designing a luxury bathroom, no detail should go overlooked — and that goes for the hardware too. If you’re going for a more ornate look for your luxury bathroom, consider brass or copper hardware — this type of metal hardware will stand out on your cabinets. For modern luxury bathrooms, you can opt out of hardware entirely and choose touch-release cabinets instead.

4. Multiple sinks

An essential aspect of choosing your cabinets is ensuring that they’re large enough to accommodate the number of sinks you want in your luxury bathroom. Double sinks are becoming the standard, so be sure that your cabinets are installed on a wall where there is plenty of room.

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