How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation

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We use our kitchens every day, often multiple times a day for a variety of reasons. As a result, undertaking a full-scale, or even partial, kitchen renovation has the potential to throw our lives into disarray.

The good news is that a kitchen renovation is not forever, and with a solid game plan in place, you can easily survive the renovation process.

Plan Ahead

Depending on the size, a kitchen renovation can take up to eight weeks to complete from tear-down to finish. Whatever you do, don’t wait until day one of your kitchen renovation to think through your backup plan. As soon as you know the estimated start date for your renovation, start thinking about how you’re going to cook and wash dishes while the renovation happens.

Have A Temporary Kitchen Solution

While getting take-out every once in a while is fine, it’s not a great solution for the whole renovation period. If you have the space, consider setting up a temporary kitchen solution somewhere else in your home, like a utility room or your garage. Set up a hot plate and a microwave so you can still cook meals while your kitchen is undergoing renovations.

Don’t Do Your Dishes In The Bathtub

Turning your bathtub into a temporary kitchen sink is a sure-fire way to start feeling like your house is in shambles during a renovation. Try to maintain a sense of normalcy in other parts of your home by keeping living spaces like bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms free from temporary kitchen use.

Do Your Renovation During The Summer

Many homeowners decide to undertake kitchen renovations during the summer so they can make use of their outdoor spaces. Barbecuing your dinner and using your outdoor living space in place of your kitchen will help to make mealtimes feel less chaotic.

Go On Vacation

If you really want to be stress-free during a kitchen renovation, consider taking your annual family vacation during this time. While you’ll want to be a phone call away in case your contractor needs to get in touch, going on vacation is a good way to keep the family away from any potential disruptions to everyday life.

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