Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen & Bathroom

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Whether you’ve recently had your kitchen or bathroom remodeled or not, spring is a great time of year to get on top of some of those cleaning tasks you’ve been avoiding. Here are some spring cleaning tips to help keep your kitchen and bathroom looking their best:

1. Clean hard-to-reach places

Even if you clean your kitchen and bathroom on a weekly basis, there are likely a couple of hard-to-reach spots that get missed. This spring, make sure you hit every nook and cranny of your kitchen and bathroom. Pull out your stove and fridge to clean under and behind them, and wipe down the tops of cabinets, your range hood and ceiling lights.

2. Clean the tile grout

If you have white grout in your kitchen or bathroom floors, they may begin to look a little off-white over time. While it requires a bit of elbow grease, cleaning your tile grout once in a while can make a huge difference to the overall look of the room. Pick up a grout cleaner or use a simple water and vinegar solution, and use a small brush (even a spare toothbrush will do!) to get between the tiles and make the grout bright and clean again.

3. Avoid harsh cleaners on cabinets

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, avoid the use of any harsh cleaners. Some chemicals can wreck the finish on wood and painted cabinets, and it can be costly to refinish or replace them. Instead, we recommend using a mild soap and water solution to clean your cabinets and avoid damage.

4. Organize your pantry and cupboards

Even the most organized of us can experience cupboard and pantry chaos after a few months. Empty out any cupboards that contain food, and wipe down the inside to get rid of any crumbs or other debris (it will be ant season soon, after all!). If you haven’t already, now is also a good time to purchase glass containers to keep bulk foods and baking supplies organized.

5. Clean appliances

Spring is a great time of year to do a top to bottom clean of your fridge and oven if you haven’t had a chance to recently. The process is similar to cleaning out your pantry: empty out your fridge completely, get rid of any old food, wipe down and wash the shelves and drawers, and restock your fridge in a well-organized manner. Most modern ovens have a self-cleaning function for the inside, but it’s a good idea to scrub the outside to clean off any spills or grease build-up.

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