Top Kitchen Renovations for 2023

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Every year, there are new kitchen design trends hitting the market. Whether it’s colour schemes, materials, or appliances, it seems like something new is always popping up. If you’re looking to update your kitchen, here’s a look at some of the hottest kitchen designs for 2023.

Light Coloured Wood Grains

White kitchen with light coloured wood floor and accents

Light-coloured wood grain is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design elements. This style offers an inviting and warm atmosphere, while providing a clean and modern aesthetic.

Light wood grain strikes the perfect balance of coziness and sophistication, making it the ideal material choice for kitchens of all styles. Whether used to add natural texture to cabinetry or for countertops, tabletops, or flooring, wood grain helps to create a bright and airy kitchen that is sure to impress any guest.

Lighter and natural wood stains and finishes are trending–consider alder, birch, maple, and bleached walnut.

A Change In Whites

A light gray kitchen with dark cabinets and blue backsplash

White kitchens are a classic. They’re a popular choice, and for a good reason. We’re seeing a change in white kitchens though and not seeing as much of the bright white look. If you’re considering a white kitchen, warmer tones are becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing them paired with other textures, tones, and colours.

Open Concept Chef’s Kitchen

Small, compact kitchen in a corner

Open-concept kitchens never really go out of style, but we’re seeing a lot more enclosed, built-in chef’s kitchens, or prep areas off of the main kitchen area. This additional work area provides a space that’s easy to move around in, is free of clutter, offers open countertops, and lots of room to prepare meals.

Chef’s kitchens feel luxurious and will elevate any home. They’re a great feature for those who love to cook or bake, and they work well for those who love to entertain and host.

Adding Warmth and Boldness

Blue cabinets in a kitchen with stone backsplash and a light wood grain hood vent

When we say adding warmth to your kitchen, we don’t just mean painting your walls a warm colour. Warmth can be brought to a space through many elements. You can add warmth through elements like stone or coloured backslashes (sorry, white subway tile), or by adding natural wood elements like open shelving and butcher block countertops.

Better yet, consider adding a pop of colour to your kitchen with painted cabinetry! Boldness can also be added through countertops, backsplashes, and other areas of the kitchen.

Smart Kitchens

A kitchen with a graphic pointing to certain appliances depicting technology

Smart technology is making its way into more and more homes, and the kitchen is no exception. Motion-activated faucets can help save water. Wi-Fi-enabled ovens will allow you to begin preheating from your phone. Built-in refrigerators with touchscreens can help to make grocery lists or check recipes. Not to mention hidden appliances that have a touch latch so you can barely tell they’re even there. There are plenty of options in modern kitchens.


A kitchen layout with double ovens

Lastly, one of the biggest movements we’re seeing in the kitchen design space is intentionality. As people spend more and more time in their homes, and more families have an increasing number of people living in their homes, designing your kitchen with purpose is one of the biggest trends we’re starting to see. An example of this is double kitchens, double appliances, and double sinks, straying away from knick-knacks and clutter around the home.

With new design styles and colours emerging, it’s important to remember that you can personalize everything to express your individual style and that adding purpose to your kitchen design will increase your love for your home.

If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, reach out to our team to discuss your options. We’d be happy to chat with you about what would work best for your space, and we’ll create a beautiful, functional kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come.

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