Upper Cabinets vs. Open Shelving in the Kitchen: How To Choose

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When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, choosing the right cabinets is essential. It’s important to make sure that you have enough storage space while still achieving the look you want for your kitchen.

It can be tricky to choose between upper cabinets and open shelving, so we’ve put together some pros and cons to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle:

Upper Cabinets: Pros

The main reason to choose upper cabinets for your kitchen is that they provide ample storage space. If you don’t have a collection of attractive dishware that you want to display, kitchen cabinets can be a good option as they contribute to a clean look. If you tend to be on the disorganized side, you won’t feel the pressure to keep your dishes and cookware tidy because cabinets will keep them out of sight.

You also have the option of creating a unique look by painting the upper cabinets a different colour than your lower cabinets.

Upper Cabinets: Cons

Upper cabinets take up space and, if you have a smaller kitchen, they can make your kitchen feel more closed-in. While they do offer storage solutions, they take up more space than open shelving and can contribute to making your kitchen feeling darker. Expert Tip: When it comes to budget, upper cabinets are typically the more expensive option.

Open Shelving: Pros

Open shelving really helps to open up the space in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a modern style, open shelving is a great look. Open shelving helps to make your kitchen feel light and airy, and is a beautiful way to display your favourite dishware and glassware.

Open Shelving: Cons

Wherever you have open shelving in your kitchen, you’ll want to keep your dishes and anything else that you display organized. Make sure you have enough space to store your less-than-aesthetically-pleasing dishes before you opt for open shelving. You’ll also need to dust more frequently with open shelving, so if you’re looking for low-maintenance, it may not be the best option for you.

Open shelving takes away the ability to have the storage space that upper cabinets would provide, but there are solutions. You can install extra storage space like a floor-to-ceiling pantry in another area of your kitchen, and install drawers in your base cabinets to make them more functional. If you love the look of open shelving, there are ways to incorporate them into your kitchen without sacrificing functionality.

At Sutcliffe Kitchens, we’re committed to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams that works for you! Contact us or visit our showroom.

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