Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling

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It’s a chore that few of us look forward to but that we all have to deal with eventually: cleaning the bathroom. And if you’ve just had a new bathroom installed, keeping it clean is essential to keeping it looking new and feeling fresh.

With some simple yet effective cleaning tips and a regular cleaning schedule, it’s never been easier to keep your brand new bathroom sparkling.


Sinks are likely the most-used fixtures in your bathroom. From washing your hands to brushing your teeth, applying makeup and other aspects of your daily routine, they see a lot of action on a regular basis. Even cleaning it once a week can seem like it’s insufficient. Keep an all-purpose cleaner at the ready to clean up big messes and build-up, and use a sponge to wipe the surface of your sink down. Wipe the rim of the sink down once a day if you see a lot of buildup by the end of the week, and use a disinfectant afterwards. And make sure you give your faucet a good wipe down to get rid of hard water stains.

Shower & Tub

It’s where we spend most of our time cleaning ourselves, so it makes sense that the shower and tub would be subjected to most of the dirt in our bathrooms. Not to mention the nooks and crannies like grout and shower doors where mould and mildew can hide. First, spray your shower with an all-purpose shower cleaner and let it stand. Next, use an abrasive pad to remove soap scum, and use a tile brush to get into the grout. Rinse it clean with warm water.

Glass Showers & Doors

Modern showers with lots of glass are an attractive addition to your bathroom – as long as they’re kept clean. You can use a glass cleaner to get rid of light surface stains, but you may need to invest in a lime and scale remover for really tough stains. White vinegar also works well to remove the most common shower door stains.


None of us likes to do it, but we all have to. To keep your toilet clean, start with a toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit so it dissolves the deposits and kills the germs. Invest in a good toilet bowl brush, and consider a curved one to get under the rim. Remove stubborn stains with a pumice stone, then use a disinfecting spray on the rim, seat, lid, tank and bowl – basically, all over. Wipe it down with a clean cloth.

And if you’re dealing with a small bathroom with nowhere to store your cleaning products and toiletries, try some of these small bathroom storage solutions from Sutcliffe Kitchens in Guelph.


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