Bathroom Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

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Bathroom renovation do's and don'ts from Sutcliffe Kitchens in Guelph

Taking on a bathroom renovation is no small project. Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home in terms of resale value, and they’re complex rooms that involve plumbing, electrical and more.

With so much at stake, it’s important to get your bathroom renovation right.

Bathroom Renovation Don’ts

  • Never attempt a bathroom renovation on your own. This is the last place in your house that you want to risk making a mistake. Unless you’re a certified plumber, doing the plumbing yourself could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in damages if something goes wrong.
  • Unless your bathroom’s layout isn’t functional, don’t change it. Moving fixtures and plumbing can cost a lot of money, and won’t necessarily give you a return on your investment.
  • If the bathroom you’re renovating has the only bathtub in the house, don’t get rid of it completely. Stand-up showers are great and lots of homebuyers look for them, but you run the risk of alienating families with children if you don’t have a bathtub.
  • Don’t install pedestal sinks. Unless you’re renovating a small powder room, vanities with extra storage are essential.
  • Don’t overspend on faucets and showerheads. Invest in high quality fixtures, but sinking hundreds of dollars into one faucet or showerhead isn’t a smart investment.
  • Avoid laminate and hardwood flooring in your bathroom. These types of flooring materials don’t stand up well to water and can become damaged and buckle over time.

Bathroom Renovation Do’s

  • Take on small DIY projects yourself if you’re not doing a full bathroom renovation. Put up towel bars and other small fixtures and hang a bathroom mirror if you want to save a bit of money.
  • Hire a professional for big renovations. Contractors and bathroom designers will have the knowledge to design a fully functioning bathroom and will know the right plumbers and electricians to hire to get the job done.
  • Buy a good quality bathroom fan. Moisture in your bathroom can produce mold, rot and damage to the structure of your bathroom, but a good fan will limit the amount of moisture.
  • Install a jack and jill vanity with two sinks. This is especially important if you’re renovating a master bath or a main bath shared by the whole family.
  • Install a larger vanity if you have the space. Most vanities are 36 inches long, but installing a four foot vanity can give you more counter space and storage space, as well as room for a bigger mirror and more lighting above it.
  • Invest in high quality fixtures that are user-friendly. Sturdy, working faucets and showerheads are essential to your bathroom’s functionality. Consider levered faucets for easy use.
  • Choose a dual-flush toilet to save you money on water bills. These are becoming increasingly common so you probably won’t have to shell out extra money for this feature.
  • Choose ceramic or porcelain tiles. Whether it’s for your floors, backsplash or shower tiles, these options are excellent for heavy water usage.

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