Functional Kitchen Features That Will Transform Your Storage

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Does your outdated, cluttered kitchen make daily tasks a hassle? This constant inefficiency can be super frustrating and very time consuming when you’re trying to find the tools you need to cook meals. Bring harmony and functionality into your kitchen with these functional design features that also look great!

Custom Cabinet Pullouts

With custom cabinet pullouts you can experience the joy of a kitchen where every item has its designated place.

Utensil Cabinet

A photo of a built-in drawer for knives and utensils in a kitchen cabinet.

Traditional utensil storage can clutter your kitchen, making it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Pull-out drawers for knives or utensils provide a dedicated, accessible space, ensuring safety and ease of access.

Spice Cabinet

A photo of a built-in drawer for spices in a kitchen cabinet.

Ever find yourself fumbling through a cluttered spice cabinet, unable to find the right seasoning? Eliminate this annoyance with a pullout spice cabinet. This convenient and organized solution ensures that every spice is easily visible and within reach, simplifying your cooking process.

Cutting Board and Pan Cabinet

A photo of a pull-out drawer for cutting boards and cookie sheets in a kitchen cabinet.

Do you struggle to pull out the cutting board or cookie sheet you’re looking for from the pile? This tall and skinny storage solution is designed for effortless access and organization, ensuring your cutting boards and pans are easily accessible and neatly arranged.

Appliance Garages

A photo of a pull-out appliance stand with a stand mixer on it, in a kitchen cabinet.

Is it cumbersome to access your bulky appliances, like your stand mixer, when you need them? Eliminate this inconvenience with appliance garages. Imagine the ease of lifting up your stand mixer, or other appliances, for use at a moment’s notice without straining your back.

Built-In Kitchen Island Features

The kitchen island plays a significant role in everyday life, from meal preparation, and washing dishes, to dining, entertaining, and more. Consider adding some helpful features, that can be built into the island, for extra convenience:

Built-In Microwave Cabinets

A photo of a microwave built into a kitchen island.

Are you tired of your microwave taking up valuable counter space? Installing a microwave cabinet in your kitchen island could be the perfect solution.

Built-In Sink Storage

A photo of a special storage drawer underneath a kitchen sink.

A cluttered sink area can detract from the overall beauty and efficiency of your kitchen. This thoughtful storage addition makes a home for your sponges and other cleaning supplies.

Built-In Wine Storage

A photo of built-in wine bottle storage shelves in a kitchen island.

This feature allows you to store your favourite wine bottles within reach for easy entertaining and enjoying. Built-in wine storage adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and will match the rest of your new kitchen design.

These additional innovative storage solutions will add convenience, space, and order, ensuring a smooth flow for all your kitchen activities. Book your consultation with Sutcliffe Kitchens to start improving your kitchen space. We’re ready to bring your dream kitchen to life.

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