Top Kitchen Storage Upgrades

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Do you have a messy and cluttered kitchen? Do you have a hard time finding the tools that you need at dinnertime? Where did you put the can opener, anyway?!

Anyone who’s lived in a home with a small kitchen knows this struggle. Even people with large kitchens might find that they have too much space, causing them to leave their space in disarray because of too many options or storage that doesn’t meet the needs of their daily lifestyle.

Does any of this sound familiar? We understand.

To inspire you and help you out with your storage frustrations, we’ve listed our top kitchen storage upgrades that will boost your kitchen productivity and save you space. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade your kitchen storage!

Top Kitchen Storage Upgrades

Add Shelving

Exposed shelving around the range

Open shelving has come back into popularity over the past few years. It’s a great way to show off the more aesthetically pleasing pieces that you’ve picked up over the years, while still being functional.

Installing shelves might be a DIY project if you’re experienced enough, but we recommend that you consider having a professional install shelving to ensure that they are secure, load-bearing, and appropriately laid out for your space.

Add A Pot and Pan Drawer

Pot and pan drawer

Stop digging through your stove drawer or reaching deep into the back of your corner cabinets to find your pots and pans. Installing a pot and pan drawer in your kitchen will save you time and effort.

Drawers can be customized to fit your kitchen and it will make cooking faster and easier. Once you have a pot and pan drawer, there’s no going back!

Invest In a Hidden Pantry

hidden pantry

Installing a pantry will keep your regularly used items conveniently at hand. Whether it’s a spice rack, canned goods, or larger containers for baking, a kitchen pantry will help you easily store and access your food.

You can also consider a hidden charging station, which is super helpful to keep your devices charged!

Device charging drawer in a modern kitchen

Your kitchen needs to match your workflow, and when it’s cluttered that can’t happen. We recommend upgrading your kitchen with these top kitchen storage upgrades to help you keep your cooking on track and stop hunting, bending, and losing track of your important kitchen items.

If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets, shelving units, and more, contact the team at Sutcliffe Kitchen. We can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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