How To Design A Warm & Welcoming Kitchen

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Trends come and go, which is why we love to help our clients design and build timeless and functional kitchens that are classic, warm, and welcoming. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families congregate, so it’s important that it feels homey and inviting. Here are some of our favourite ways that you can design a warm and welcoming kitchen that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years.

Don’t Overdo It with White

If you’ve looked through our gallery of images, you’ll see that we love a clean and minimalistic kitchen design. Our design team always works to strike the right balance so that a kitchen never feels too cold or stark. White is luxurious and timeless, but we recommend including some visual interest and we’ll outline how you can accomplish this below.

Incorporate Texture & Colour Into Your Kitchen

Kitchen design with a blue island

Adding small pieces of texture and colour into a kitchen will help it feel more inviting, warm, and welcoming. You can do this by incorporating patterned fabric on chairs, warm-toned wood flooring, light fixtures, hardware, and tile.

Set The Mood with Warm Lighting

How To Design A Warm & Welcoming Kitchen

Lighting is an integral part of any room — especially in the kitchen. When designing a warm and welcoming kitchen, it’s important to us that we create functional lighting where you need it most, but also include areas with soft, warm lighting for dining areas and underneath cabinets. These two types of lighting will allow you to easily switch back and forth to create the perfect ambiance for whatever you’re up to.

Layout Matters

bench seating in a welcoming kitchen

Open concept kitchens are great because they allow you to see what’s happening around you and stay social while you’re preparing a meal. We love to include lots of seating whether it’s at the kitchen island, an eat-in kitchen, a built-in bench area, or a formal dining room. You’ll appreciate having the extra seating when you’re entertaining so the whole group can congregate.

It’s The Little Things

How To Design A Warm & Welcoming Kitchen

Make your kitchen your own! Add personal touches like plants, fruit baskets, family photos, and even scribbled drawings on your refrigerator. These are the things that truly make a kitchen feel warm and welcoming, and less like a museum!

At Sutcliffe Kitchens, our experienced designers will work with your vision to create a beautiful and functional kitchen. To speak to a member of our team about your kitchen project, please contact us here.

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