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Homes have been getting smarter, from high-tech security systems to programmable home comfort systems and more. Now, technology is moving into kitchens. If you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen more convenient, these are some of our favourite technology trends that we recommend incorporating into your kitchen:

1. Home assistants

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, we can now also think of it as the brain of the home. Having a home assistant in your kitchen can provide you with a range of conveniences, including making phone calls, playing music, controlling the lighting and getting help with a recipe — all with your voice. With more and more features being released, we expect home assistants to become a must-have for every kitchen.

2.  Smart faucets

Multi-purpose faucets aren’t really anything new, but faucets are getting smarter every year. You can now purchase faucets with LED technology, allowing you to turn them on and off with a touch of your finger — or your arm, if your fingers are dirty. Others have a sensor that turns on when you place an object or your hand below the spout. You can also find faucets with pull-down spouts and even antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria.

3. Bluetooth appliances

These days, you don’t even have to be in the same room as an appliance to be able to switch it on. Bluetooth coffee makers, ovens, fridges and more are quickly becoming the standard in kitchen upgrades. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to turn on your oven, check and adjust your fridge temperature, and turn on your coffee maker all from your phone.

4. Charging drawers & command centres

For years, we’ve had homeowners ask us to add charging drawers to their kitchen redesigns. While this has been a common feature in many American homes, we are only just delivering this feature to Ontario homeowners. We now have CSA-approved charging drawers that make it possible for you to charge your phone or tablet while you whip up a meal.

If you’re looking for more, consider installing a command centre in your kitchen that combines these smart features. You can create a shallow pantry where you store your phone, tablet, chargers, home automation systems and everything else you need to have at your fingertips.

For more kitchen renovation ideas, check out our gallery or visit our showroom in Guelph.

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