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Finding hidden areas for storage and optimizing existing storage space in a small bathroom is crucial to making the room more functional. Our team at Sutcliffe Kitchens has a few places you can look to help you find more storage space in your bathroom.

Over the toilet

The unused space above the area is a perfect place to install a storage system. A shallow depth cabinet system installed above the toilet is a great way to take advantage of the area while keeping the items in storage hidden from plain sight.

Over the sink

In a small bathroom it is important to use the space above the sink for more than just a mirror. Adding a shelf or a cabinet system above the sink can optimize unused storage space.

Hidden storage built-in to cabinets

Optimizing cabinet storage space is important when dealing with a small bathroom. Installing cabinet door shelving and various other built-in features to cabinets can help add potential space to these areas. Optimizing drawers with custom vanity organizing solutions is also another great way to take advantage of existing hidden storage space.


If there isn’t much room to install cabinets then taking advantage of wall space can help create more storage. Installing custom shelves can help optimize hidden storage space and add a bit of design flare to your bathroom.

While it may seem impossible at first, there are many hidden storage spaces in small bathrooms. Our experienced team at Sutcliffe Kitchens can help you design and install custom storage solutions to help you optimize your small bathroom. Contact us to learn more about our custom storage solutions or to book an appointment to visit our showroom.

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