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Current bathroom designs are changing from the classic tubs and vanities to more minimalistic styles. So if you’re moving into an older home or trying to sell, you want to consider renovating your bathroom to bring it into the modern era. Read over these ideas for your bathroom remodel, brainstormed by our expert team here at Sutcliffe Kitchens.

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Tub or Shower?

How many baths do you take a year? Although many folks are tempted to go with a tub during their bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider whether this additional investment is worth it. Even if you know you’ll be selling in 5-10 years, there is no way to tell what will appeal to a potential buyer. Are you going to use it? If the answer is ‘no’, then there’s a good chance it will be ‘no’ for someone else too.

Getting Rid of the Shower Threshold

Have you ever tripped over that pesky threshold or shower-sill when you’re getting out of the shower? Many modern showers are being designed with sloping floors, so the water is collecting in a drain and a shower-sill is unnecessary. These are sometimes called ‘zero-threshold showers’. The extra convenience of a smooth floor can be great in your old age and requires only a small investment. It’s an aesthetic choice, but it can only offer ease of entry in the long-term.

Storage Spaces

Storage is important in many rooms, but many people forget to think about what they keep in the bathroom. Do you need a space for your medicine cabinet behind the mirror? Do you want drawers or doors in your vanity? Consider whether you could use cubbies or shelves to store shampoos and conditioners in your shower as well. These little features will not have a major impact on budget, so aiming for extra space is the best bet.

Shower Seats and Grab Rails

Shower seats can be good for more than just sitting down to shave your legs! As you get older, you may find that your mobility decreases and the addition of a shower seat is a great alternative to a bathtub. Grab rails can provide an easy way to maneuver yourself up and down. These are extremely important considerations for homeowners entering their golden years. Don’t skimp on the cost, as you’ll thank yourself later!

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