Top Kitchen Hardware and Plumbing Trends In 2021

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When you’re in the process of designing a new kitchen, choosing the right hardware can elevate your look from basic to high-end. Kitchen hardware is like jewelry — it’s the finishing touch to your outfit, and it can make or break your look! To help you narrow down which kitchen hardware is right for your space, our experts have listed the top kitchen hardware and plumbing trends in 2021.

1. Matte Black

white kitchen showing matte black handles and tap with stainless steel appliances

It doesn’t get more classic than black, especially for kitchen finishes. Black is simple yet versatile, and it goes with every cabinet colour and decor style. It is a sleek and modern finish for any of your hardware — kitchen sink, faucet, and pulls — or as a cabinet, backsplash, or wall colour.

2. Brass & Gold

Blue cabinets with gold coloured handles and a gold tap with white and grey marble counter top

Brass and gold coloured hardware is here to stay. These colours naturally add warmth and elegance to the popular whites and greys, and they work with any design style. The possibilities are endless when adding brass and gold finished fixtures to your kitchen.

3. No hardware

Simple white kitchen with light wooden upper cabinets with no hardware on the cabinets

This modern, streamlined (and Swedish-inspired) style will give your cabinets a clean finish. There are different versions of the no-hardware look that you can opt for — a lip or pull out made out of the same material as the doors and drawers, flat panel with nothing on the cabinet face at all, or an inset pull notch.

4. Mixing and matching metals

Dark grey kitchen peninsula with stainless steel dishwasher and faucet, matte black handles, and gold lighting with a white counter top. Mixing metals.

Many homeowners fear mixing metals in the same space when, in fact, it is very trendy. Long gone are the days when everything has to match. When mixing metals, it is important to pick one dominant metal and accent with the other metals to create balance, allowing the finish to complement each other.

5. Two-Tone Faucets

Matte black and gold faucet with over a black sink and white marble counter top showing two toned faucet. Apple on a cutting board.

In keeping with the mixing metals trend, a two-tone faucet allows you to capture the mix of your metals in a complementary way. Two-tone faucets look elegant and also keep your kitchen’s look trend-proof. They provide a balanced contrast between the dark and light elements of your kitchen and offer warmth to all white kitchens.

6. Galley Sinks & Accessories

Graphite concrete counter top with two faucets over a galley kitchen sink and its cutting board and colander accessories.

(Photo credit: Snob Essentials).

Galley sinks are not just a sink, they are workstations where you can make everything happen in one convenient spot — washing, cutting, mixing, stirring, and so much more. This deep sink ranges from 2-7’ long and has two tracks that allow you to fit different boards into place for creating your perfect station.

The must-have accessories include a colander fitting into a cutting board for easy washing and draining, divided compartments to make use of a small sink (dirty dishes or an ice bucket for drinks), and different style boards that can turn the entire sink into a serving area. An added bonus is that you can use the boards to hide dirty dishes when you don’t feel like cleaning up!

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