What Do I Do With My Old Appliances & Kitchen Cabinets?

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When you’re beginning to plan out your new kitchen renovation, homeowners often wonder, “What should I do with my old appliances and cabinets?” We have a solution for you that will help to support our community and is sustainable too — donate your old kitchen to Habitat for Humanity!

The Details

Habitat for Humanity has a Kitchen Salvage Volunteer team whose purpose is to remove your original kitchen. Upon request, you can schedule the Kitchen Salvage team to come into your home and carefully remove your original kitchen, for free! You can also remove it yourself, or have your contractor remove it, and Habitat for Humanity will send their truck to pick it up from your home. After your kitchen cabinets sell at the ReStore, you will receive a tax receipt for the value.

Why Should I Donate My Old Kitchen?

Your donation has a positive impact right here in our community! With your donation, Habitat for Humanity is able to bring affordable homeownership to families, fixed income seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Donating your kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets also provides a sustainable solution, helping to keep appliances and other materials that are in good and working condition out of our landfills.

What Can I Donate?

Habitat for Humanity will take donations of anything from your home that is in working condition, clean, and free of mould and rust (for health & safety reasons). Items are accepted at the ReStore and by their Kitchen Salvage team.

Here are a few items you can donate:

Major Appliances:

  • Cooktop, stove/range, oven, vent hood
  • Dishwasher, dryer, washer/washing machine
  • Freezer, standard refrigerator, luxury or sub-zero refrigerator
  • Microwave

Small Appliances:

  • Blenders, juicers, mixers
  • Coffee makers, espresso machines
  • Crock pot, deep fryer
  • Toaster, toaster oven
  • Humidifier, dehumidifier

Kitchen, Vanity, Counters

  • Cabinet doors, islands, lower & upper cabinets
  • Countertop – granite, stone, laminate, wood

Habitat for Humanity will not accept any items that are hand-painted, peeling, damaged or broken in any way. Everything donated must be in good working condition. They also ask that you try to include all hardware, if possible.

Before removal takes place, you will fill out a form with all the details on what you intend to donate. You will also be asked to send in pictures, so that Habitat for Humanity can determine if the condition of your old kitchen is something that can be used.

To find out more information on how to give your old kitchen a second chance, visit Habitat for Humanity’s website here!

For questions about your kitchen renovations, contact our team at Sutcliffe Kitchens!

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