Kitchen Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

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Kitchen renovation do's and don'ts from Sutcliffe Kitchens Guelph

Planning a kitchen renovation is a huge project. It not only requires a lot of work and details, but it’s also a big investment. That’s why knowing how to do a kitchen renovation properly is important, as it can save you potentially thousands of dollars in tweaks and adjustments down the road if you get it right the first time.

Kitchen Renovation Don’ts

  • Don’t do it yourself. There are dozens of considerations you won’t even think of that a professional will know. Where to place electrical outlets, the best location for your sink and other plumbing will all be second-nature to a contractor.
  • Don’t rush through planning and design. These are the most essential times for your kitchen renovations, and as much as you want to get on with the build, you’ll want to make sure you’ve designed the perfect kitchen for you.
  • Don’t spend too much money. You want to make a good investment, but if your new kitchen pushes your house’s value way over the rest of the neighbourhood, it will be harder to sell.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen triangle. If you can make it work, the work triangle is a great way to optimize your kitchen’s functionality.
  • Don’t forget the storage space. Identify all of the spaces where storage could be incorporated, like extending the cabinets to the ceiling and having cupboards and drawers in your kitchen island.
  • Don’t choose anything too trendy. You can’t update your kitchen every year, so choose classic finishes and colours to maximize your return on investment.

Kitchen Renovation Do’s

  • Take the time to plan out your kitchen design. Ask yourself how the room will be used, how you want it to look, what function you want it to serve, and other pertinent questions that will help you with the design.
  • If you have a galley kitchen, turn the work triangle into a line on one wall. The sink should be in the middle of the refrigerator and oven.
  • Place your dishwasher next to your sink. While not a part of the classic work triangle, it’s important to have your dishwasher handy after you’ve rinsed your dishes in the sink.
  • Plan for somewhere to store garbage bins. You don’t want to get to the end of your kitchen renovation and find that you have to sit your garbage bins front and centre.
  • Choose your countertops based on how they’re used. Colour, style and other aesthetic choices are important, but the functionality and durability should play into your decision.
  • Choose neutral colours for your cabinets if you want a good return on investment. Many home buyers base their first impressions of a house on the kitchen, and if it’s an unusual colour, you may be limiting your potential buyers.

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