Choosing the Right Colours for Your Kitchen

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Choosing the right colours for your kitchen from Sutcliffe Kitchens in Guelph

Embarking on a kitchen renovation is an exciting time as a homeowner. You finally get to make your mark on your space and turn your kitchen into the perfect place for you, whether you’re big into entertaining and cooking or simply want something more modern.

Like with any space, it’s important to choose the right colours for your kitchen so that your kitchen reflects who you are and will look great for years to come.

Choose a Paint Colour You Love

When it comes to the colours of your walls, choose a colour that really speaks to you. Walls are easy enough to paint over, so you should pick something that brings you joy or makes you feel cozy in your kitchen. You shouldn’t be afraid to choose a bolder colour, as cabinets and appliances take up a lot of wall space and the wall colour can sometimes just be an accent.

Choose a Focal Point

Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a gorgeous, hand-painted tile or have dreamed for as long as you can remember about having a showstopping granite countertop. Whatever it is, you should focus on one element in your kitchen as the basis for your colour palette. Try to be flexible, though, and don’t make any purchases until you’ve settled on all of the elements of your kitchen.

Consider Lighting Differences

Every part of your home looks different during the day and at night, so keep that in mind when planning your kitchen’s colour scheme. Will your dark and romantic kitchen look spooky at night? Will your all-white kitchen be too bright and clinical during the day? Make sure you’re happy with the way your kitchen looks at all times.

Pair Countertops & Cabinets

You should try your best to match your countertops to your cabinets – and we don’t mean they have to be the same colour. But because they’re so close to each other, you want them to look great next to each other. A good tip for countertops is to choose something neutral and that goes with many colours, as countertops are difficult (and expensive) to replace. Cabinets, however, can be painted. Just make sure you’re paying close attention to the undertones if you’re choosing wood cabinets.

Consider Your Floors

The floors in any room of your house can make or break the space, so make sure you’re not leaving your floors until the last step in your kitchen design. Coordinate your floors to your countertops and cabinets, where the countertops and cabinets become the secondary colours in your scheme. Or you can go another route and use your floors as the bridge between contrasting cabinets and countertops.

If you’re still not sure how to choose the right colours, Sutcliffe Kitchens in Guelph is happy to work with you from start to finish to get the right look for your kitchen. We can even match cabinets to any Benjamin Moore colour!

Take a look at some of the beautiful kitchens we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

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